SAI DHAM (Nottingham)

"Unless there is some relationship or connection, nobody goes anywhere... Shri Hari (God) will be certainly pleased if you give water to the thirsty, bread to the hungry, clothes to the naked and your verandah to strangers... Wealth should be the means to work out Dharma. If it is used for personal enjoyment, it is wasted. Unless you have given it before, you do not get it now. So the best way to receive is to give. The giving of Dakshina advances Vairagya (nonattachment) and thereby Bhakti and Jnana. Give one and receive tenfold" - H. H. Sri Shirdi Sai Babaji
Sai Dham is a Registered Charity with the UK Charity Commission, Charity Number 1041585. If you would like to make a donation, there are a few ways you can directly to the Mandir. A small percentage is set aside for charitable causes and your donation will help the upkeep of the Mandir, not to mention the good karmic deed. Shirdi Baba has said that God gives back many times of what he has received, by donating to any good cause, one washes away sins of their past.

In this dark age known as the Kali Yuga it is said to be impossible to be totally truthful and practice penance constantly on God, but people are expected to engage in charity to help remove their bad karma. Ideally however all charity and donations should be done as Guptdaan, meaning anonymous donation, where the donor is not praised and it is not publicised to everybody that a donation has been made, this is the best way, as charity made without expectation of return is in the mode of goodness but charity made with a desire for fruitive results is in the mode of ignorance and devalues the donation. In some cases anonymous donations are not always possible due to the nature of the donation but it should always be kept in mind that we donate for God and not for recognition.

At Sai Dham
You can donate at the Mandir, donations boxes are available in the main hall and outside foyer. For more information on how to contact us and get to the Mandir click here.

Dinner, Jagran or Chonki
SponsorDinner is served every Saturday evening at the Mandir, you can sponsor a dinner for 70 for any occasion such as a birthday, or hold a Jagran or Chonki for the same amount. This helps the Mandir cover the cost of cooking and food and the occasion can be mentioned at the end of Bhajans in the evening upon request. To sponsor a dinner you must contact a Mandir committee member directly and we can book you in for a Saturday. For more information on how to contact us and get to the Mandir click here.

Gift Aid Form
You can set up a one off direct debit donation, or a regular monthly or quarterly direct debit donation by printing and filling out the Gift Aid Form. This is available in PDF format by clicking here and Microsoft Word format here. This form should be posted directly to the address below or handed to a committee member at the Mandir. For more information on how to contact us and get to the Mandir click here.

By Post
You can send through postal orders or cheques in favour of Sai Dham. The postal orders or cheques can be sent to:

Sai Dham
75-79 Egypt Road
New Basford
United Kingdom

Prashanti Dham Project
Donations can also be made to our parent organisation, Sai Foundation Organisation Worldwide (SFOW) based in Indore, Ujjain, India. Some of the aims of Sai Foundation India are to build hospitals, dispensaries, orphanages, old peoples homes for the destitute and aged and to perform Narayan Seva, such as feeding and clothing the poor. It works to ensure acceptance of the neglected in society, so that they also come to feel that they are an important part and parcel of life on this planet.

Money is being collected to help the upkeep of the Mandir there as well as a small Samadhi memorial for Sri Sai Das Babaji. If you would like to donate to Prashanti Dham you can use any of the above methods and mention you would like to donate to Prashanti Dham. More information about Prashanti Dham can be found on its official website here.

Poojas, Events and Hall Hire
Throughout the year you can participate in Poojas and the dining hall and kitchen area can be hired out for events. For prices and more details click here.

Saidham (Nottingham) now accepts online donations. Please find the Donate button below or on top of the page and securely pay with most of the widely accepted cards or by direct debit.